Our Team

In addition to the Executive of Rohit and Don, below are the team members who work in the head office.

Bhawanpreet Singh
Operations Manager

Bhawanpreet, or Bunty as he is fondly called, is the backbone of all day to day operations of The Hope.  He looks after all the finances and oversees all the project details.

Ankur Kumar
Admin Assistant

Ankur is the go to guy in office for all the things that need to get done, be it running to the bank, or to fix the electricals or making food, or tea/coffee.  He serves The Hope every time.

Navneet Kaur Sharma
Projects Officer

Navneet, or Navi, as she is frequently called, is the one person who makes the projects fun to do.  She is responsible for all the coordination, field reporting, websites, newsletters, and keeping donors posted.

Saleem Masih
Field Officer

Saleem goes around vising all the project locations and makes sure that things are going according to plan and that the projects have what is needed functioning well.

Kiran Singh
Office Assistant

Kiran is the youngest and most recent part of the team.  He is a qualified Taekwondo instructor. He has given up his instructing career to do social work.