Our Board

Rohit Masih
Founder and Chairman of THE HOPE

Rohit dedicated his life at the age of 25 to serve the society. He trained at YWAM (India & Switzerland), EFICOR as certified social worker and also worked in UESI. He is a man of vision & commitment. He has exposure in developing communications and policy specializations, working on social issues such as child rights, women’s empowerment, food and nutrition, drug abuse and HIV prevention, and technologies for development.

Latika Paul

Mrs. Latika Paul has been a successful business woman in international trade since 1984. She is currently involved with The Hope as a vice Chairperson. She is always willing to serve. She is now taking care of her husband who is a cancer patient.

Don Vikrant Lazarus

Don has a business education background. He strives to make organizations work more efficiently with current business practices. He has been associated with various NGOs and manufacturing units since 1991. He is now focusing on social causes and aims at reducing social gaps or disparities in the society through various initiatives on education, healthcare, livelihood and capacity building.  His thrust is to enable the society through entrepreneurial initiatives through Temple River Products, a company started by Don and Rohit for the social cause.

Vishu Dev

Vishnu Dev has been a working as a social worker for 19 years, working with the poor and needy people in rural areas. He is a man known for his honesty and accountability. He is a risk taker and accepts challenges to serve the community at his best.

Daisy Bombley
Joint Secretary

Daisy is a teacher by profession for more than 20 years and a woman of power and endurance. She is also a cancer survivor which makes her a warrior for life.

Tanuja Deshrajan

Tanuja has an MBA from Nagpur, Maharashtra. She is now running our child development and care centers and also works for women empowerment programs. She is happily working as a social worker in Mainath District – Aligarh, Uttar Pradesh for the past 20 years.

Balkar Singh

Balkar has been working as a social worker for over 10 years, He is known to be sensitive towards the need of his surroundings and always keen to help people.